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Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel on this Offer! Get Cash for Cars in Santa Rosa, CA

Have you recently invested in a new set of wheels? Or started your old car for the last time? At Cash for Cars, we can tow away your old vehicle at no cost to you. Even better than free removal is getting paid and that’s where our company shines!

With a fair pricing model and a simple, 3 step system using us as your junk car buyer in Santa Rosa, CA means you can be out with the old and in with some pocket cash today.

Why Sell Your Damaged Car to Cash for Cars in Santa Rosa, CA?

Running or not, our company will purchase any vehicle you are ready to sell. That means classic cars, clunkers, and even cars with no title. When it is time to clear up space in your driveway or garage, we make car recycling the obvious choice.

You might think your vehicle isn’t worth the amount it would cost to tow away, but we purchase cars in any condition, including those that do not pass a smog test.

See what you could make when you have your junk hauled away. Call one of our friendly associates today for a hassle-free quote! (619) 478-0404.

Cash for Cars in Santa Rosa Offers Numerous Perks!

There are numerous perks when you choose to use us for your junk car removal, but below are some of our favorites:

  • Complimentary Estimates and Free Towing

Commitment-phobe? We get it! One of the many perks when you choose to work with us is our obligation free quote. We give you the price and the rest is up to you. Love it or leave it, the decision is yours.

Don’t waste money paying for a tow. Our complimentary removal service means you won’t dip into your profit when you use us for cash for junk cars in Santa Rosa.

  • Doorstep Service

Beyond our complimentary estimates, you can relax with the peace of mind of not going from shop to shop all over the city while looking for the best quote. Our process happens entirely at your doorstep which means it’s a hassle-free way to make money! Give Cash for Cars in Santa Rosa a call at our local office (619) 478-0404 for more information from one of our friendly associates.

  • Hassle Free Process

It isn’t just the doorstep service that makes our business model hassle-free. With our 3 step system for getting paid, junk removal is as picking up the phone and giving us a call for your free quote.

  • Making Money

Finally, who doesn’t love making money while recycling their used cars? We offer cash for junk cars in Santa Rosa in any condition.

What’s Our Process for Making You an Offer?

You might be wondering what goes into one of our car quotes. It’s simple! We form a calculation of your vehicle’s estimated value based on its year, make, and model. While an older car will usually fetch less than a newer version, there are some classics that will turn tidy profits.

Beyond those standard values, we also take the condition of the car into account. Even though we accept cars of any status (damaged, not running, or unable to pass a smog test), these factors will contribute to a reduced price.

Don’t leave your money on the table. To see what price we can offer you, call one of our friendly associates and begin your obligation free consultation today.

We Buy Cars and It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3:

Ready to get your junk hauled away for free? Or to see what kind of offer we can make? Check out our 3-step process to get started:

  • 1) Give us a call and tell us about your car
  • 2) We’ll formulate a quote based on its condition and style
  • 3) Once you accept our cash offer, we’ll handle the rest! From towing to paperwork, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Doing a deal with Cash for Cars

When you sell your car to us, the transaction is quick and hassle free. We take care of all the pre-sale work, so selling your car is a relaxed experience.Our superior customer service ensures a positive outcome for you. We engender confidence because of our experience and personalized service. So, what are you waiting for? Do a deal with Cash for Cars and you'll never regret it!