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Encinitas, California is home to Encinitas Ballet, a famous classical ballet studio, which I’m sure you already knew. There’s also the April Street Fair, OktoberFest, Classic Car Cruise Nights, surfing competitions, as well as many other fun and exciting local activities.

There is another cool local event going on in Encinitas, California, and in fact, it goes on all year round. What is this awesome thing, you might ask? It’s Cash for Cars in Encinitas, California, where you can sell your car quickly, easily, and for a great price, all while supporting an environmentally friendly company who recycles the wrecked cars they by.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see us at the Encinitas Environment day this year.

If You’ve Got A Car for sale in Encinitas, California, We’ll Buy It

We Buy Cars in Encinitas, California, regardless of the condition that it’s in. Cash for Cars in Encinitas, California is dedicated to making sure that if you’ve got a used car that you’re trying to sell, no matter how worthless you think it might be, we’ll still make sure you get some cash. If you were planning on sending it to the junk yard, we’ll still pay money for it.

Don’t send your pre-loved car to the junk yard in Encinitas, California. There’s no reason to! Not when you could have real cash in your hand the very same day that we buy it from you. We actually give cash for junk cars in Encinitas, California. We’ll even have it taken off your property for you, for no cost. Not only that, but we’re dedicated to saving the environment, so we’ll make sure that any parts possible will be recycled.

Have you ever heard of a better and easier way to make some money?

There’s Zero Wait Time For Your Money

At Cash for Cars in Encinitas, California, we hate waiting just as much as you do. We know what it feels like to have that paycheck in the mail, and to be staring out the window, waiting for it. We know what it feels like checking your bank account every ten minutes for that direct deposit.

This will be the exact opposite experience. Our unmatched customer service is built in part by our no wait policy. Just as soon as the car is purchased, we’ll hand you your cash, and you’ll be smiling and waving at us taking your old car away.

Once you’ve got that cash, there’s no strings attached! You can do whatever you want with it. Whether it’s an investment you’ve been waiting to make to better your future, simply a car upgrade, or you needed a little extra money to pay the bills; the money is yours.

Our Recycling And Junk Car Removal Guarantee

Of course, California takes tons of the damage that happens to the environment every year. Whether it’s wildfires, smog, or droughts, we’re locals, too, so we feel your pain.

That’s why we’ve pledged to help combat the damaging of our local environment and we offer free towing. So often, cars are hauled off to the junk yard, with little regard for the timeframe that the car is going to spend there. We don’t want a big piece of metal and plastic to be sitting there, never decomposing, when junk cars are great for recycling.

We recycle as much of the car as we’re able to. Of course, plenty of the cars we buy don’t end up recycled, and this really only applies to the wrecks. But even if you’re selling us a useable car, it’s good to know you’re supporting an environmentally friendly company.

Aren’t There Other Car Buying Services in Encinitas, California?

Sure there are. If your car is in good enough condition, there are plenty of private buyers and car dealerships that would love to make some money off of you. In fact, they see you as a target in order to save some money and increase their profit margins. Cash for Cars in Encinitas, California is built exactly so that you’ll get a great price on your car.

Our experts know the industry inside and out, and are well equipped to give you an amazing, objective, competitive quote on your cars value based on the current market, and what other people are buying cars for in the local area. It’s their passion to stay up to date on car pricing, and they’ll use this to your advantage. They’re regular people, just like you, and want you to get a good price for your pre-loved car.

Give Our Quick Quote Service A Try

It’s so easy to check out exactly how much money you stand to gain by selling your car. You can call our phone number or try out our website in order to get a free, instant estimate on how much we will offer you for your car. If you’re not satisfied, there’s no harm done. But we really think you will be.

Doing a deal with Cash for Cars

When you sell your car to us, the transaction is quick and hassle free. We take care of all the pre-sale work, so selling your car is a relaxed experience.Our superior customer service ensures a positive outcome for you. We engender confidence because of our experience and personalized service. So, what are you waiting for? Do a deal with Cash for Cars and you'll never regret it!