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Sell Your Car Now!

We are Cash For Cars. A company centrally located in San Diego, California. We have been here for over a decade where we have purchased thousands of used, damaged, and junk cars from private parties.

Cash For Cars was created in order to provide an easier, more efficient way to have private parties in San Diego sell and trade-in their car, no matter its condition, for cash. We feel we have succeeded and will continue to provide a place for private parties to come and trade or sell their vehicles.

We are proud to be an easy and quick solution for anyone needed to sell junk or damaged cars in San Diego and plan on continuing the same path we have been on for over ten years.

We started Cash For Cars in San Diego because we believed that there should be an easier and quicker solution for those seeking to trade-in or sell their vehicles without going through the hassle of online advertisements or dealerships.

Our company is designed to be something more, to provide a different solution to getting rid of that car in your garage. Whether it be a classic car or one that has rusted for years and no longer runs.

We believe and standby our stance of giving a fair appraisal to any car no matter the condition it is in. Everyone deserves the opportunity to make money off something as substantial as a car. Cash For Cars treats car ownership as one that is worth the cash and time you have put into it.

We are staffed with professional and certified auto buyers that set our company apart. They will come to you and give you a no obligation quote. They will walk you through the paperwork, guiding you every step of the way until you have cash in your hand and your old car is being towed away at no additional cost to you.

There is a culture that involves a love and understand of cars here in San Diego and we are proud to have been apart of that for over a decade now. We plan to continue that tradition by continuing to treat every customer with the same respect and customer service.