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Cash For Junk Cars

Sell Your Car Now!

Cash For Junk Cars is part of our cash for car exchange program in San Diego. These are the types of cars that are often hard to sell as most don’t want to purchase a car that would cost more to fix than to simply buy a new one.

Our program is great for private parties looking to sell or trade-in their junk car. Cash For Junk Cars in San Diego wants your junk car no matter the condition it is in. We make sure that we are fair in our offer for you junk car too.

When coming up with a price for your junk car there a few things that come into play. A few things are the current scrap value price and how in demand the parts that make up your car are. These things can affect the offer Cash for Cars can make for your car, but we are always willing to work with you and will even take junk give cash for junk cars with no title.

There are many conditions that can cause your car to be junked and we want you to know that no matter what condition your car is in we will take it.

Some cars have high mileage that has caused internal problems. We will take those cars.

Some cars have body damage. We will take those cars.

Some cars may no longer run and will need to get towed away. We will take those cars.

Speaking of needing a tow, when you work with us to get cash for your junk car in San Diego, we will have your car towed away at no additional cost to you. Therefore, we are a favorite among private car sellers.

Our process is fast and easy, why wouldn’t you give us a call?

Once you have spoken with one of our friendly representatives over the phone and have given them the details needed for your car, this includes the make, model, year, mileage, and it’s current condition, we will then work on giving you our best no obligation quote.

And no obligation means just that. No need to feel pressure to take our offer, so there is no worries about reaching out to inquire about our cash for junk cars in San Diego program. There are no hidden fees when we give you a quote for your car. With Cash For Cars we lay everything out in the open to ensure you are comfortable and complete satisfied with us.

From there we will send out one of our professionally certified auto buyers to come and inspect your car. They will happily walk you through the necessary paperwork and before you know it your junk car is being towed away and you have money in your hands.

Cash for Junk Cars in San Diego is close to you so there is no need to go outside your own neighborhood. We wanted to be as accessible to our customers as possible, so they don’t have to waste time finding someone to take their junk car.

If you have a junk car that you just need to get rid of and want to get cash for, then this is the program for you.

Being a local company allows us to build a level of trust with our customers. We are happy to provide them an honest and beneficial no obligation offer for their junk cars no matter the condition.

We also guarantee that there are no hidden fees within our process. We are honest and straight forward about our quotes. Our staff is made up of professionally certified auto buyers trained to appraise any vehicle that a private seller wants to sell to us for cash.

Truly, when it comes to selling your junk car in San Diego we are happy to be among the best options available to you.