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Junk Car Removal

Sell Your Car Now!

Cash For Cars understands that sometimes a car can be forgotten. Months or years may pass before you start to realize that the rusted car in your driveway has become an eyesore and you want to have it removed. It is when these cars cost more to fix than to simply sell that they are labeled a junk car.

Dealing with the removal of a junk car can be stressful and take up much needed free time out of your day. From running around town trying to find a company that will not only take the car but tow it away for a reasonable price, to maybe posting an ad online to only have it be ignored. Luckily Cash For Cars is perfect for the job of junk car removal in San Diego.

We want to be the go-to junk car removal in San Diego. We have no problem taking any junk car no matter how old or how run down. Even if the car has no wheels, we will not only remove it from your property, but will pay you cash to do so.

No matter the type of car or the current condition it is in, Cash For Cars will remove your junk car and leave you smiling with cash in hand for your junk car. Non-running or worthless junk cars are just the kind we love to come and give you cash for.

As a bonus, there is no need for you to come to us at all. We are happy to make the trip to you and come inspect the vehicle without you having to lift a finger. Simply call us and we will send one of our certified auto buyers to come to wherever you are. From there they will give you a no obligation offer based on the make, model, year, and condition of the car.

Even if the car hasn’t been driven in months because it is no longer running, we will still come and take it off your hands. In addition to giving you cash for your junk car we will also tow it away off your driveway or out of your garage for free.

Once we have made you and offer, one of our professional truck drivers will hitch it to the back of tow truck and tow it away at no additional cost to you. That’s right, in addition to paying you to take your junk car we will tow it away for free.

Cash For Cars offers their junk car removal service for free with no title. Just because you don’t have all the paperwork doesn’t mean you should live with a junk car on your property. Our free junk removal service near you will come and take that clunker away, no questions asked.

Don’t waste time trying to sell it piece by piece online or figuring out how you can get it to a junkyard. Doing that may even cost you money, whereas Cash for Cars wants to give you money for your junk car. Cash For Cars takes the guesswork out of your junk car removal needs.

Cash For Cars has a team of truck drivers ready to go the moment we get your call. They are trained in attaching and towing away junk cars that are essentially falling apart. No need to add additional work to your day by trying to move the junk car on your own. We will take care of all the work and once the car is on its way, we will give you cash for your junk car.

Don’t live with a junk car taking up space in your life any longer. We want to help you remove the clutter that is your junk car out of your garage and out of your life. Call Cash For Cars for their quick and easy junk car removal service in San Diego.